Ron Burgundy keeps it classy in hilarious new podcast

Publish Date
Friday, 8 March 2019, 2:50PM

Ron Burgundy is back!

That's right.

The hilarious Will Ferrell has finally reprised the well-loved, arrogantly foolish news anchorman in the Ron Burgundy Podcast - and it is pure GOLD!

As a character, Burgundy is extremely well-suited to the podcast format. His voice alone, that deep velvety newsreader tone, can coax belly laughs out of a single word.

If you've seen Ferrell's classic comedy movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy - and you really should have - then you'll know it's going to get you laughing.

Each episode tackles a different topic, with the first one based around True Crime.

"True crime is white hot," Burgundy explains with typical zeal. "It's molten white hot. It's like a bucket full of lava. Everyone wants to know about the sickos out there. That's the bottom line."

Like all good podcasts he brings in a guest, a forensic psychiatrist named Dr. Scott who he peppers with mostly nonsensical questions, mostly surrounding his qualifications as a doctor, but occasionally on topic.

Burgundy is patently absurd and extremely funny.

You can listen to now for free on the iHeartRadio phone app or website.