'She doesn't know how to carry her own baby': Meghan Markle mum-shamed after first outing with Archie

Critics on Instagram have shamed Meghan Markle after photos of her carrying baby Archie were posted online.

Photos of the new mum cradling her baby boy have been published online, after baby Archie's first outing to support father Prince Harry in the King Power Royal Charity Polo Day.

Several Instagram users have taken time out of their day to criticise the way Meghan Markle is holding Archie in the photos.

"Meghan looks like she's about to drop him," one person wrote on Instagram.

"She's gonna drop that baby," someone else added.

"Meghan doesn't know how to carry her own baby! Such a shame," someone else chimed in.

"You can tell she doesn't even take care of her own kid. What kind of mother holds their baby like that," someone else decided to say.

Other people on Instagram were less worried about how Archie was being held by his mum and more worried about his clothing.

"She should have put a hat and socks on the poor baby," someone wrote.

The mum-shaming prompted many to jump to Meghan Markle's defence.

"I seriously dislike this girl but you can't put her down because she's not a pro at holding a baby," someone said. "She's still new to it and we've all held out babies awkwardly."

"She could be a natural at home but she's probably trying to shelter from the cameras and the judgment," she added. "I'm guessing no one can see it from that point of view since you are all perfect parents."

"She's a brand new mother. Stop the damn mum-shaming! Jesus," another person said.

This was Archie's first public outing.

The Duchess of Sussex is currently on maternity leave following the boy's birth in May.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.