The lace on Kate Middleton’s wedding dress featured a secret tribute...

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Thursday, 3 May 2018, 1:15PM

When you think about Kate Middleton, you can't help but think about the stunning Alexander McQueen v-neck dress she wore as she walked down the aisle to wed Prince William at Westminster Abbey.

Featuring a huge train as well as delicate lace sleeves, the silk tulle gown - which is thought to have cost £250,000 (NZ$476,000) - still has brides swooning over it.

But, as much as her dress stole the show, the gown had one touching detail that you probably didn’t even notice...

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Can you spot the subtle tribute incorporated into the lace?


It turns out the floral embroidery on Kate’s dress wasn’t just a pretty embellishment.

It was actually a tribute to the United Kingdom.

The design included roses, daffodils, thistles, and shamrocks—the national emblems of the four countries in the UK: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

The individual flowers were hand-cut from lace by the team at the Royal School of Needlework based at Hampton Court Palace.

“We had to cut out hundreds and hundreds of tiny pieces of the motif from different types of lace, and then apply them to a net backing by stitching them on with tiny stitches which were completely invisible,” embroiderer Margaret Dier said during the programme.

“We were washing our hands every 30 minutes, just to make sure it was pristine,” Gemma Murray added.

We can't wait to see what Meghan Markle wears on May 19!