Toni Street reveals adoption struggle with her adorable baby boy

Publish Date
Thursday, 27 September 2018, 10:00AM

We can't get enough of our Toni Street and her adorable little man.

Lachie was born via surrogate Sophie Braggins in August, which meant Toni and her husband Matt had to go through the process to adopt her own son, even though he is their biological son.

However, it seems the 6-week-old is still not legally theirs yet.

Because of this Toni has gotten behind a petition to speed up and simplify the adoption process and amend the New Zealand Adoption Act.

"I have just signed this petition via for the NZ Adoption Act to be updated. It is incredibly hard for loving parents to adopt in this country and our vulnerable children deserve better," Toni wrote on Instagram.

"I've also experienced first-hand how outdated the process is for surrogacy... we are still waiting to legally adopt our biological son. It is a long, slow, complicated process that doesn't need to be."

Hopefully, it won't be too much longer until little Lachie is legally adopted into the family.

This week Toni shared an adorable moment of Lachie feeding himself, while she watched on lovingly.

The new mum of three has been sharing more updates on her baby boy Lachie and the milestones he’s encountered in his first 6 weeks.

Most recently she revealed on Instagram that Lachie had just received all of his immunisations and it looks like he took it all like a champ.