Valerie Adams opens up about the unexpected side of motherhood

Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Valerie Adams first rose to fame back in 2001 when she won her first World Youth Championship title, but it seems that her fame is diminishing and her daughter's fame is rising.

Adams took to Instagram just last night to vent her frustrations as Valerie celebrated her birthday last week, and Kimoana's was just yesterday, but Val's was overshadowed by her daughter's.

"Those who commented and said 'Oh my gosh, happy birthday Kimoana's mum,' I have a name!" Valerie said.

Valerie followed this up by explaining how if anyone is overshadowing herself, she doesn't mind if it's her own daughter.

"But I guess it's all part of motherhood, and I just have to take a second seat, I've just got to accept the fact that this tiny this human has basically taken over my world, inside and outside my house," she said.

And who can blame everyone, just look at how cute little Kimoana is! 

Happy birthday Kimoana, Kimoana's mum, and of course Valerie Adams!