Wendy Williams slams Meghan Markle, calling her a 'random princess'

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Sunday, 11 February 2018, 5:39PM
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With her charm and sunny nature, Meghan Markle has won over royal watchers since the announcement of her engagement to Britain's Prince Harry.

But the royal bride-to-be's aspirations were once rather different, with Wendy Williams revealing that the 36-year-old actress once applied to work on her show.

Dubbing Meghan a "random princess", Wendy explained: "She applied for a job here too, yeah."

Wendy has previously called Meghan a wild card, reports Daily Mail.

"I respect Meghan Markle's hustle and I respect her game. However, she's a bit of a wild card, you know, because she goes from being the Deal Or No Deal girl, so this is a girl looking for game," Williams said, referring to the future Royal's brief stint as a glamorous "box girl" on the game show.

"She came here to Wendy to find out what she could do here. She's been here, she's been in our building, we have her DNA."

Meghan came up in conversation on Wednesday as Wendy was speaking to her guest, the former 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord. Meghan briefly appeared in a guest spot on the remake of the 90s classic, playing the other woman in a love triangle with McCord.

"She was cheating with my man," explained AnnaLynne of the 2008 scene.

And she said of Meghan: "She's taking on the role of a life. She's got to do the wave and the whole thing.

"She's like a leading lady."

Meanwhile it has been revealed that Meghan used a code name for Prince Harry on the set of her hit show Suits.

Wendell Pierce, who played Markle's character's father on the US show, said: "We always talked about [Harry] in code, really. You know, 'How you doing?,' 'Oh, I'm going to London, coming from London,' whatever."

And Pierce formed a close bond with Markle during their time on the show together.

Speaking to Harry Connick Jr. on his talk show, he added: "I had a really wonderful moment as we were coming to an end of her time on the show. It was just she and I in the room and I said, 'I know your life is going to change but always know, no matter where you are, I will always be your loving fake father.'"

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