300 dancers perform ballet outside 'GMA' studio after TV host mocked Prince George’s ballet lessons

Photo / Murphy Made via Instagram

Photo / Murphy Made via Instagram

Royal fans were left furious when Good Morning America host Lara Spencer cruelly shamed Prince George for taking ballet lessons.

The 6-year-old is set to return to St Thomas’ Ballersea School where ballet classes are not only a mandatory part of the curriculum but - according to Prince William - are "absolutely loved" and enjoyed by the young royal – a fact which was mocked by the American TV host.

In response to her nasty and backward remarks, something truly beautiful happened …

Professional ballerinos led a class of 300 male and female ballet students in a ballet dance right outside the Good Morning America studios in New York City’s Time Square.

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Dancers also held up signs that read "boys dance too", "ballet for all" and "I wish I’d started at 6", that age the heir to the throne is now.

Lara Spencer also made a public apology for her remarks, sitting down with three male dancers to hear their story.

Lara admitted that her comments about Prince George were "insensitive and stupid", adding, "I have learned about the bravery it takes for a young man to pursue a career in dance."

"The lesson is that words hurt," said Spencer, "and it was not my intention but it was insensitive."