A Harry Potter themed potions bar is coming to New Zealand and we can't wait

Harry Potter fans, it’s time to grab your broomsticks because New Zealand is about to get its very own wizard-inspired bar.

For a limited time only, The Wizard’s Cauldron will be open and serving up Harry Potter themed cocktail potions.

How magical is that?!

The pop-up bar features a fun 90-minute cocktail class for you to "mix your own potion and create new spells and magical beings" - inspired by Harry Potter's time at Hogwarts. Except instead eye-of-newt in your brew, you’ll be using dry ice and bubbly drinks.

The bar is apparently "created for all fantasy and magic lovers, a mystical place where magic and imagination roam free."

The experience - which is already open in Syndey, Australia and has Melbourne dates available for next year - will set you back roughly $60 and includes one mead, one potion, along with your own robes and wands while you take part. 

While specific dates and locations for New Zealand have yet to be revealed, The Wizard’s Cauldron is expected to open in Auckland in January 2020 to April 2020. Tickets are expected to be available for Kiwi wizards on the bar's website soon.