A man is being slammed online after incorrectly calculating how many tampons are needed per period

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Friday, 8 March 2019, 9:31AM

One man is being roasted online after he explained to women — incorrectly — just how many tampons per year they should need ... something he clearly doesn't know anything about!

In response to the debate over the 'tampon tax', the unnamed man decided to do the maths himself and work out exactly how much tampons cost.

Commenting on social media, the man wrote: "So, the average period is between 10-35ml of blood, each tampon holds about 5ml, so 7 tampons per cycle."

"Let’s be generous and say 10 for those ladies with an extra juicy uterine lining."

"9 periods per year = 90 tampons max."

"You can get a 64 pack of amazon for £7.90 plus shipping. Buy two packs, save on shipping and have 128 tampons for the year, that’s about £20 here or their for a years period."

"Cut down on your Starbucks venti frapps and stop whining. This isn’t a first world problem."

That's right. He calculated that in a year women only have NINE periods, so they would use no more than 90 tampons and therefore only spend £20 (NZ$39).

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If, like us, you're wondering if he's joking, APPARENTLY he isn't - and women are not impressed!

Of course, for every woman who has had a period and used tampons while menstruating knows his calculation is way off.

With thousands of comments, women have pointed out the average cycle is 28 days, meaning women can menstruate up to 12 times per year.

Others also highlighted the dangers of leaving tampons in for long periods of time.