Adele spills on how she makes her tea, and it’s nothing like controversial brew from 'Hello' music video

Adele has set the rumours to rest on exactly how she makes her tea.

Controversy broke out amongst tea drinkers after Adele was seen putting hot water in a cup and then adding a teabag in her Hello music video.

However, the British star has now revealed how she actually makes her cuppa in a new video with British Vogue.

"I'm gonna show you how I like my cups of tea, which, contrary to the Hello video - which actually I didn't prepare that when I was filming it, someone else did - I like to brew the tea bag, add a bit of sugar, bit of milk, stir it, stir it, stir it, ring it out, put it wherever you want," she explained in the clip.

Meanwhile, Adele revealed suffered "anxiety attacks" amid her marriage breakdown.

The Easy on Me singer's divorce from Simon Konecki and the impact on their nine-year-old son Angelo is explored on her upcoming album '30' and she's revealed one of the songs contains a message about the youngster while she was feeling "really frightened" and struggling on the inside.

She said: "It’s in the song about my son, it’s at the end, in the outro. I was really frightened.

"I was having an anxiety attack and I called my best friend to try to talk to her to calm me down but she didn’t bloody answer.

"It shines some light on ... I’m talking about my son in the rest of the song, and once I put him to bed I can stop putting on that brave face."

Adele - whose father Mark passed away earlier this year - is thankful she has music as a "comforter" and not only is she hoping the album will help her to "heal", she also wants it to provide comfort to others who are struggling in similar situations.

- The Hits, additional reporting by Bang! Showbiz