Adorable 3-year-old Kiwi boy goes viral for video learning to be a farmer

A Kiwi toddler has gone viral for his adorable attempt at farming and rounding up sheep.

Known on TikTok as Farmerfreddie5, wee Freddie may possibly be New Zealand's youngest and keenest farmer.

And now he's captured the hearts of TikTokers in an adorable video posted by his parents, attempting to wrangle some tricky sheep.

The video has received more than 200,000 views and at least 20,000 likes and shows the young boy rounding up two lambs in a pen before managing to grab one of them and shouting "I got one!" to his parents.

He then turns around proudly to check if his fellow farmers could see his successful attempt. "I got one, Ryan," the boy shouts again to which the man behind the camera replied, "Ah good, hold it there",

A second lamb – who escaped the gentle gasp of the enthusiastic boy – watched before baa-ing. Freddie then turned to look at the lamb and quietly baa-ed back, quickly gaining the hearts of hundreds of people in the comment section.

@farmerfreddie5 Mini farmers Favourite thing to do… chasing sheep #nzfarming #farmkids #sheepnz ♬ original sound - farmerfreddie5

Viewers of the sweet interaction gushed over the skilled toddler.

One said, "his little baa at the end at the other lamb is the cutest," while one commented, "agh my ovaries. Too cute!"

Another noted the child's farming potential and said "shearer in the making" with a second person agreeing, "oh a real kid farmer".

One woman said, "What a gorgeous little chap".

The young farmer has his own TikTok page where his parents regularly document his cute farm antics.

Another video shows a fearless Freddie telling his mum he is going to "chase sheep" before he jumps into a holding pen and with his hands on his hips, he directs the sheep into another pen.

He then confidently tells his mum, "Mummy I need to shear one".

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.