Adorable moment Neve interrupts PM Jacinda Ardern's Facebook live video

It's a situation that every parent can identify with, but when most children go wandering after bedtime it doesn't interrupt a broadcast to the nation.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern took to Facebook last night to share an update on New Zealand's Covid response when her daughter Neve gatecrashed the announcement.

Ardern was midway through describing our new traffic light system when a tiny voice could be heard in the background.


"You're meant to be in bed darling," Ardern said, turning away from the camera to address the 3-year-old wanderer.

"It's bedtime darling, pop back to bed, I'll come and see you in a second."

Then it was Nana to the rescue and Ardern's mum Laurell Ardern arrived to usher Neve back to bed.

"Well, that was a bedtime fail wasn't it?" Ardern said.

Every parent knows this feeling. Photo / Facebook

The PM told viewers that she thought she had found a "safe" time to go live and asked if any other parents had children that repeatedly escaped after bedtime.

Ardern then went on to address other pressing Covid issues and was midway through dealing with the complexities of the Waikato outbreak when a familiar voice was heard again.

"I'm sorry darling, it is taking so long," Ardern told her daughter, before telling viewers that she would have to call time on the video to put Neve to put bed because it was "way past her bedtime".

She said that she may do an "extended, uninterrupted version" of the chat later in the week.

This isn't the first time that the bubbly toddler has interrupted her mother's important work.

Last month Neve, dressed as Wonder Woman, forced Ardern to intervene after she snuck out of Premier House to play on a newly-installed trampoline unsupervised.

A photo shared by First Bloke Clarke Gayford showed the Prime Minister, with a diplomatic protection officer close behind, looking through the opening of the trampoline, and directing the crestfallen child to stop playing.

Gayford revealed their daughter was given a telling off.

"It's not every day you see Wonder Woman being told off by a Prime Minister for sneaking out of the house to use her new trampoline, but these are the crazy times we live in I guess," he posted.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.