Apparently stains on your clothes may mean you have a higher level of intelligence

Photo / Getty

Photo / Getty

We’ve all looked down at our outfit to see an accidental food stain on our clothes at one time or another.

Whether it’s a drop of coffee or smudge of chocolate, it turns out that it could mean you have a higher level of intelligence.

According to Goodfulness, an apparent study authored by Steve Johnson suggests that "the more unorganised your brain is, the more intelligent you are."

Meaning that rather than zeroing in on how full your glass of red wine your creative mind has more important things to focus on, like pondering a million different things at once …

Although it’s a nice thought - especially to save face amidst embarrassing ketchup marks on your clothes - we have a feeling that as it hasn’t been proven by science, annoying stains may simply come down to clumsiness.

So, for now, we'll be keeping that Napisan Vanish Gold Oxi-Action Stain Remover close by.