Apparently this is the one physical trait women find irresistible in men...

Publish Date
Tuesday, 26 December 2017, 1:36PM

It's official.

Women apparently prefer men with big muscles – in particular big strong shoulders.

Researchers surveyed 150 women and had them rate photos of men's bodies for attractiveness.

To make sure the women were only going to rate their bodies, the men’s faces were covered up.

According to the study, all of the women surveyed found men sexy based on how strong, tall and lean they appeared to be.

Seventy per cent of women found strength to be the most attractive thing, specifically wide shoulders.

The study's author, Dr Aaron Sell, said the result could be from the way our ancestors chose partners.

“The effect of height and weight on attractiveness may indicate that women are responding to cues of health or to the benefits that height and lean bodies have in protracted aggression, hunting and other aspects of fighting ability.”

“Evolutionary psychologists have shown that women’s mate choices use many cues of men’s genetic quality and ability to invest resources in the woman and her offspring. Among our ancestors, one variable that predicted both a man’s genetic quality and his ability to invest was the man’s formidability.”

“Therefore, modern women should still have mate choice mechanisms that respond to cues of a man’s fighting ability. One crucial component of a man’s ability to fight was his upper body strength."

Time to head to the gym, men!