Are KFC's chocolates the perfect Mother's Day gift?

Publish Date
Tuesday, 9 May 2017, 8:22AM

Chocolate and fried chicken - two delicious guilty pleasures in their own right. Now KFC have tried to combine them and it's just wrong, but nevertheless intriguing.

The KFC candle, the KFC bouquet, now this ... Why can't they just stick to what they are good at? Good old Kentucky Fried Chicken.

This time KFC have partnered with artisan chocolatiers Kako Chocolate to bring you a Mother's Day treat.

There are two special flavours. A nutty and creamy milk chocolate truffle topped with 23 carat gold leaf and seasoned with the Colonel's eleven secret herbs and spices, and a dark chocolate truffle infused with their signature hot and spicy marinade.

The main selling point is "perfect for mum to savour while you finish your bucket". It's clearly a win-win for you and your mum. They come in a four-piece pack so two for you, two for your mum?

KFC and sophistication; two more concepts that do not go well together.

When you think of KFC it invokes memories of Friday nights spent in your would-never-go-out-in-public-like-this clothes, blobbing on the couch, watching a movie, with a chicken leg in one hand, and chicken salt chips in the other. I am not sure if I can reconcile this image with the sophistication of artisan chocolate truffles. I am not sure my mum could either.

Marketing Director for KFC NZ, Clark Wilson said "we're excited to be offering a way for KFC fans to share something they love with the special mum in their life this Mother's Day." It seems their new tactic may be to try and broaden their market reach.

Whether they will be #fingerlickingood remains a mystery for now. Whether your mum will appreciate them also remains to be seen.

If your mum loves a bit of KFC and chocolate then you can win one of 15 of these boxes for her on KFC's Facebook page. They won't be sold in store so this is your one and only chance to try this sweet and spicy combo. The winners are drawn on Wednesday.

This article was first published on NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.