Aussie dad goes viral for his hilarious video imitating his baby daughter

Photo / HiJosh

Photo / HiJosh

An Aussie dad well known online for his hilarious impersonations has sent the internet into hysterics with his latest offering, racking up over 20 million views with his spot-on impression of his newborn daughter.

Josh Hawkins shared a video recreating his daughter's "milk drunk" faces and the internet can't get enough.

"Copying my daughter's milk drunk faces is my new fulltime job," Hawkins wrote, sharing a split-screen video where he perfectly matches his daughter Billie's facial expressions after a feed.

Hawkins also dressed up as Billie for the funny vid, which has generated over 137,000 comments.

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"How did you match it up perfectly? This is oddly satisfying in so many ways! And hilarious," said one person, while another commenter asked for Hawkins to "mimic poop/gas faces" for his next video.

"This makes me so happy I can't even explain," said one woman, as many noted that Billie was "so expressive" and must be "an old soul".

Hawkins also went viral last month with a vid of Billie enjoying a head massage.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.