Aussie mum left shocked after 3-year-old daughter finds this hilariously X-RATED toy at Kmart

Photo / Catherine Douglas

Photo / Catherine Douglas

An Australian mum was left completely shocked after discovering her 3-year-old daughter had found a rather rude toy while shopping at Kmart.

"We were having a look around the doll section when my three-year-old came around the corner with this thing in her hand," mother-of-two Catherine Douglas told

And going by the picture she took of it, we can see why she got a surprise!

Photo / Catherine Douglas

The squishy, flesh coloured 'banana' toy appeared to be rather x-rated, looking a lot like a penis, wrapped in a blue banana peel.

"When I grabbed it from her and took a proper look, I was relieved to see it was some sort of a toy," Catherine said.

Photo / Catherine Douglas

"But at that angle, when I first saw it, I was quite worried that it was in my child’s hand."

"I took a photo to show my partner, because once I knew it was a toy I could see the funny side of it," she added.

The embarrassing toy turned out to actually be in the shape of a finger, a part of Orb Odditeez Fuzion Foodz which wraps weird (and unfortunately phallic) objects in banana peels.

Other versions include a cob of corn, a unicorn horn and a caterpillar.

However, some simply look like sex toys …