Baffled parents catch toddler's adorable partners in crime

Publish Date
Friday, 8 June 2018, 9:00AM

Parents left baffled at how their toddler who was too short to reach the door handle kept escaping her bedroom to wander the halls late at night were shocked to discover she had two partners in crime - their adorable Golden retrievers.

Using in-room safety cameras, they recorded the cheeky pair of pooches opening the door and playing with the girl before leading her out for a wander, the Daily Mail reports.

The 15-month-old toddler, from Phoenix, Arizona, had gotten into the habit of escaping her room and exploring the house once her parents had gone to bed. Her nighttime adventures left her parents scratching their heads.

But finally, their questions were answered when they installed cameras to observe their little Houdini in action.

The video shows the two retrievers opening the door and jumping on the bed to wake up the little girl.

Then, once she's awake and ready to explore, they run in and out of the room, encouraging the girl to follow.

Using her pillow toy as a crash-mat, the girl leaps down and trots off behind the dogs for a night-time excursion.

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.