Big changing coming for new-look 'Shortland Street' in 2025

he future of Shortland Street has been revealed. Photo / Supplied

he future of Shortland Street has been revealed. Photo / Supplied

Long-running soap Shortland Street will be back on screens from next year - with a difference.

South Pacific Pictures and TVNZ have announced today that the show will screen just three times a week next year, rather than its current format of five episodes a week.

It will air TVNZ 2 and TVNZ+. The release today promises viewers “fewer, higher impact episodes”, aiming to attract younger audiences to the show.

TVNZ’s Chief Executive Jodi O’Donnell said, "The TV environment is changing fast and we’re moving with our viewers. For some time, we’ve been reimagining what is possible for Shortland Street and we’re delighted to be able to continue the much-loved show with this new, creative format.

"We’re extremely grateful for the external support from NZ On Air, as well as access to the New Zealand Screen Production rebate, to help keep this iconic drama on screen and make it a more commercially viable proposition for TVNZ.

"Our goal is to build a sustainable model for the long-term, so we’ll be continuing to evolve how Shortland Street is delivered on TVNZ+ with our digital-first strategy in mind. We have an extremely engaged online audience for Shortland Street and we want to take the show successfully into the future and ensure its ongoing relevance.”

Meanwhile SPP Chief Executive Kelly Martin says, "Generations of New Zealanders have grown up with Shortland Street, and we’re immensely proud that it continues to attract thousands of younger viewers. It is a powerful historical reflection of our society and has become part of the fabric of Aotearoa. As well as this, the show provides significant cultural benefits for our local production ecosystem and a crucial training ground for young actors and crew in New Zealand. I would like to publicly thank Media and Communications Minister Paul Goldsmith and his team for the adjustments made to the NZSPR, and NZ On Air for their support.

“We’re pleased to see the show continue into this exciting new chapter. Fewer episodes mean a greater focus on creating the storylines that will cut through with audiences in a competitive market. We’ll bring all the things Shorty viewers love on steroids for three days per week, with stories that dig deep into real-life and topical issues in New Zealand.”

The change to the beloved series will come in February 2025.

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