Britney Spears claps back at brother on Instagram: 'You were never invited'

Britney Spears has insisted her brother Bryan was never invited to her wedding in a fiery online post.

The 'Toxic' superstar tied the knot with Sam Asghari at her California home on June 9 after five years together but her family were noticeably absent from her big day - with Bryan's girlfriend Amber Lynn Conklin claiming he had to be at his daughter's graduation day instead.

However, Britney has now insisted Bryan was never invited. In a stinging post on Instagram which has since been deleted, she wrote: "You were never invited to my wedding ... so why even respond ??? (sic)"

Britney Spears with brother Bryan and mother Lynne. Photo / Getty Images
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It came after Amber shared a snap of Bryan and his daughter Lexie from a previous relationship and commented: "Ironically Lexie had her 5th grade graduation [and] we couldn’t help the timings ... Bryan felt terrible having to choose but he had to be there for his daughter."

She added: "So sad to miss such an important moment but so so happy for Britney and Sam’s Marriage ... "

In her response, Britney went on to reference a 2020 podcast interview in which Bryan was asked about why his sister was in a conservatorship.

Host of the 'As NOT Seen on TV' podcast Drew Plotkin asked Bryan why the family "couldn't "just let (Britney) be?" and he alleged his sister lacked the life skills to cope on her own.

Britney hit back at the comment, which was made more than a year before her conservatorship ended, writing: "Your podcast interview was so SPECIAL ... When asked by that incredibly kind man 'why doesn't your family just let her be ??? ' Your response was ... 'she can't even make a dinner reservation ...  (sic)"

She then added: "Psss I have an assistant to make my dinner reservations. (sic)"

Britney went on to slam Bryan over her alleged treatment during her conservatorship, during which she had to face regular drug and alcohol testing.

She wrote: "Do you honestly think I want my brother there (at my wedding) whole (who) told me no to a Jack and coke for 4 years … what ??? ...

"'If we were going to drink together at the wedding and play the classy roles for the children like you and mom do as you people literally hid coffee and alcohol when I would come home ... you hurt me and you know it !!! (sic)"

Britney added that she "can't drink a lot" and doesn't like the taste of alcohol, writing: "It's pretty funny my family doing what they did to me with drug testing me that whole time and yet I can't stand most alcohol !!! Nope, I'm not cool ... I wish I could play that bad girl my family want me to play but honestly … I'm too old for this s*** !!! (sic)"

Britney spent more than a decade under a conservatorship but was finally freed from the order in November 2021.

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