Cadbury's limited-edition Caramilk Twirl officially hits New Zealand stores

Christmas has come early for chocolate lovers in New Zealand with the iconic Caramilk teaming up with Twirl to create a brand new favourite - the Cadbury Twirl Caramilk.

The new Caramilk Twirl bar will include the iconic twirls and curls of the traditional Twirl bar, with a Caramilk flavour.

"We've made a promise to keep developing new and exciting chocolate blocks and bars that Kiwis will love and Twirl Caramilk does not disappoint," said Will Papesch of Cadbury New Zealand.

"Twirl is one of the most loved chocolate bars in New Zealand so we couldn't think of a better flavour combination than pairing it with Caramilk.

"We know Kiwis are adventurous and innovative by nature so we can't wait to hear what they think of this new flavour combo!"

Twirl Caramilk is available for a limited time, beginning late this week in grocery stores, dairies, and petrol stations across the country.

Cadbury's Caramilk, a hybrid caramel and white chocolate bar, was part of the chocolate brand's line-up in New Zealand and Australia until it was discontinued in 1994.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.