Cake-stuffed Kit Kats are totally a thing now!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 4:10PM

Calling all Kit Kat lovers...

You may want to book a trip to Tokyo because Nestlé has just released a limited-edition flavour for their Japanese fans.

But this isn't just any old flavour. No. Kit Kats' newest candy bar is literally stuffed with CAKE.

The flavour, described as a "cake-style Kit Kat" in a press release, has been released to celebrate the re-opening of the flagship Chocolatory store in the Tokyo's Ginza district.

The cake-stuffed Kit Kats will set you back between 1,458 yen (about $13) for a box of three or 2,916 yen (about $26) for a pack of six.

We're hoping this Kit Kat is a total hit and they bring it to our shores soon!