Can you spot the cake on the shelf? Baker shocks internet with realistic looking treat

One Melbourne baker has divided the internet.

Tegan "Tigga" Maccormack, an Australian baker has confused fans with a seemingly normal-looking Instagram video.

While shopping in Kmart, the baker asked fans to "spot her cake" on a shelf of mugs and while most found the task near impossible, Maccormack revealed it was hiding in plain sight.

In a video posted one day before the big reveal, the talented baker, who goes by Cakes For Days on Instagram, posted a short video of the Kmart shelf of coffee mugs and asked fans to guess which mug was actually a cake.

Quickly taking to the comment section to make their guesses, one admitted defeat and said: "I've watched it soo many times and can't pick it, can't wait to see!"

Another said, "I feel like it will be a takeaway mug but I'm hoping it's a teacup that's hanging and you've pulled off a miracle to not have it fall down. Can't wait for the reveal video."

Meanwhile, one fan opted not to make a guess but to instead express how much they enjoy the baker's videos: "Can't wait to see which one it is! You gals are so fun to watch!"

And an eagle-eyed fan who commented: "I reckon the pink patterned one on the second shelf slightly off edge at the front of the shelf," was very close but proven wrong in Maccormack's big reveal the following day.

In the second video, Maccormack is seen picking up a pink cup from the shelf and taking it to the counter where she continued her pranks and tricked the Kmart checkout worker by placing the cup on the checkout before quickly grabbing it and taking a bite out of it.

The Kmart worker was visibly shocked and said: "That scared the hell out of me."

The baker captioned the post "The staff at Kmart were such good sports!" before she posted yet another video showing fans how she created the realistic-looking mug.

Maccormack has previously asked fans to "spot the cake" amid everyday shelve items including snacks at the supermarket and items in her pantry.

Her impressive skill comes after baking cakes for over 10 years.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.