Christmas fans are now making giant baubles using Kmart yoga balls

Move over boring small baubles, because there's a new trend taking over the internet.

Yep, thanks to Kmart, giant baubles are the hottest new decoration this year!

Taking to the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook page, Christmas lover Amy revealed how she turned three gym balls - which sell for just $8 each - into "supersized" baubles for outside her home.

And we love it!

"Pretty much everything from Kmart!! Three gym balls, monochrome rope and acrylic paint (they are coated with a waterproof clear gloss) and a S***LOAD of patience," she wrote alongside photos of her creation.

Not surprisingly, the giant baubles quickly went viral.

"OMG! Amazing idea!" wrote one.

Another added: "Just wow!"

A third said: "I reckon this is the mother of all hacks!"

So what are you waiting for? Let the little elf in you go wild and brighten up your house this Christmas!