Cookie Time and Countdown have teamed up to create the tastiest Easter treat ever!

It may be hard to believe ... but Easter is around the corner, which means unlimited chocolate and sweets!

And the lovely lot at Countdown and Cooking Time seem to be doing their best to add to our waistlines ...

Last week the two announced an Easter surprise of the tastiest kind, and what we're picking could be the combination of the year. 

The 'Cookie Smash Choc Cross Bun' consists of a tasty oven-baked bun, filled to the brim with Cookie Time chocolate chunks and cookie pieces. 

The finished product even has a little mini cookie on top too! So it's pretty much Christmas and Easter combined. Which surely means it's guilt-free.

And the best part is, there are no raisins in sight! Talk about Kiwi ingenuity!

You can get your mits on 6-packs of Cookie Smash Chock Cross Buns from Countdown stores all across Aotearoa. So hop to it before we grab 'em all!