Dad shares his budget-friendly sandwich recipes for his kid's school lunchboxes

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Photo / Instagram

Long gone are the days of a standard ham and cheese sandwich accompanied by a piece of fruit as a Melbourne father saves parents the difficulty of getting creative for their children each morning.

George Georgievski, who is known for his great lunchbox ideas, has shared a series of Instagram posts to revolutionise children's midday packed meals.

The father of two revealed his three favourite budget-friendly school sandwiches also known as the "sandling", the "spring roll spring wich" and the "ravwich".

First up is the "sandling," which is a combined word for "dumpling sandwich”.

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The 46-year-old revealed on Instagram that all you need to make this is: bread, butter, your choice of fillings and a large red wine glass.

"Drink some wine, empty your wine glass and use it to frame and cut out the bread," he instructs.

"Next, flatten the bread a little bit, cup it, smear some butter or mayo on it and add your ingredients."

Georgievski filled his "sandling", folded it in half and pinched it around its edges to create a scalloped effect.

The second recipe, known as the "spring roll spring wich" is a favourite of the super dad's as unlike regular spring rolls you can fill them with healthy ingredients instead of fats.

"To make this, simply cut the crusts off the bread and again, you can smear some butter or mayonnaise on it," he said adding that it is important to put your ingredients one centimetre away from the edge of the bread.

"All you need to do it fold it and roll it. Then you have a spring roll!' Georgievski added.

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The Melbourne dad's final creation is the "ravwich" which is meant to re-create a piece of ravioli.

"Cover it with the other half and use a pasta cutter to create the jagged edges," he said

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Aside from the fathers creative sandwich ideas, he likes to improve his daughter's lunches by "turning everyday food into something cool," he told Femail.

"Kids like bite-sized, fun and creative food," he added, also recommending that adding a bit of colour to their lunchboxes is an easy and affordable way to make midday meals more exciting.

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The famous father also told Daily Mail Australia that he typically stuffs his daughter's lunches full with "bite-sized vegetables".

He recommends mini cucumbers, mini tomatoes and mini carrots and to stay clear of watery vegetables as they can leak and ruin the aesthetic.

For parents that have more of a time constraint, Georgievski advises using a croissant.

"It's the easiest because it's already in a pretty shape," he said.

All you need to do is cut it in half, add your fillings and pair it with popcorn, three vegetables and two fruits.

"If you can have things ready to go before you make the lunches, then it will never take you more than five or 10 minutes," the internet sensation recommends to parents.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.