Deep-fried Creme Eggs are the latest Easter trend and they're sending everyone into a frenzy!

Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Easter is just around the corner and now there is a new chocolate egg trend that is sending everyone into a frenzy!

A fish and chip shop in the UK has started deep-fried Cadbury Creme Eggs and the greasy treat looks insanely good (but kind of sickly).

Speaking to Black Country Live the chip shop owner, Royston Spencer revealed that "other chip shops have been doing them for a while, so we thought we would give them a go."

"Everyone who has tried them has loved them."

Similar to a deep-fried chocolate Cadbury Moro Bar that you can find at your local chippy, the Creme Egg is covered in batter and then put in the deep fryer and sold for just £1 each.

If fish and chip shops in New Zealand started doing this, would you try one?