Did Sol3 Mio spoil the ending to Moses Mackay's season of 'The Bachelor NZ'?

Spoiler warning!!

Concertgoers and fans of The Bachelor NZ were surprised when Moses Mackay's Sol3 Mio bandmates appeared to spoil the reality dating show's ending.

There was plenty of banter on stage at Auckland's Spark Arena last night between the three singers about Mackay's time on The Bachelor NZ. The finale is screening tonight on TVNZ 2.

A concertgoer told the Herald they thought the group accidentally revealed the ending to the dating show, or at least Moses' current relationship status.

Speaking to the crowd in between songs, the trio asked if anyone at the show was on a date tonight. Mackay's bandmates Pene Pati and Amitai Pati used the opportunity to tease him about his time on the show.

***Seriously, possible spoilers below!!!***

Pati asked the crowd: "Do we have anyone here on a date? I'm going to wingman you right here, right now. No one?

"Moses are you here on a date? ...... you've been on 18 dates."

Mackay replied: "Come on man, it was 22 dates!"

And his bandmate went on to tease that Amitai and Mackay were both single - signalling the bachelor may not choose anyone at the final rose ceremony, or may no longer be with the contestant he chose.

"For the guys at home, they're both single," Pene said and pointed to Amitai and Mackay.

The band laughed and quickly skipped to the next question - asking a couple in the crowd how long they had been together.

Two women remain in the final two on The Bachelor: Shenae Connelly, a marketing adviser from Auckland and Annie Theis, a bartender from Wanaka.

The finale screens tonight on TVNZ 2 and Mackay is expected to hand out his final rose to one of the two women.

But there is a possibility Mackay may not choose either of the women. On last year's season of The Bachelorette, Lesina Nakhid-Schuster chose no one in her final rose ceremony, whereas her fellow bachelorette Lily McManus gave Richie Boyens her final rose.

This year, bachelorette Lexie Brown chose Hamish Boyt and the couple remained together after the show.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.