Disney has just released its magical Christmas advert and it will give you all the feels

You can always rely on Disney to warm the cockles and pull on the heartstrings and their Christmas ad for this year is no different ...

The short film, titled Stepdad, tells the story of a blended family navigating the lead up to Christmas.

The advert starts its touching and relatable tale with Mike, as he packs up his final belongings and moves in permanently with Nicole, and her children Max and Ella.

Throughout the clip we see this new family unit grow together in anticipation of Christmas day, as they work through combining existing festive traditions with creating new ones.

At the heart of this story is a very special storybook – a precious item belonging to Max, given to him by his father.

The book brings the family closer together as it ignites imagination and wonder, creating magic moments that lift off from the pages.

The heartwarming tale has left millions of people across the world drying their eyes after it was revealed the animated short had some extra-special magic behind it ...

In honour of Disney’s long-standing relationship with the charity Make-A-Wish, Flux Animation Studios in New Zealand fulfilled the wish of 13-year-old Dylan from England who wished 'to be an animator.'

Dylan's very own artwork features within the short, along with several Make-A-Wish 'Easter Eggs.'

So special!