Disturbing Johnny Depp video revealed during defamation trial battle with Amber Heard

*Warning: Article contains distressing and graphic content*

Disturbing footage presented by Amber Heard in court shows Johnny Depp slamming cabinets in a fit of rage during one angry outburst.

"I did assault a couple of cabinets, but I didn't touch Miss Heard," Depp said, referring to the video presented in court, adding that "there's a possibility" he was drunk at the time.

Depp is suing Heard for US$50 million over a 2018 Washington Post op-ed article in which she wrote about being a victim of domestic abuse. She did not name Depp in the piece, but he claims the allegations are false and cost him lucrative film work in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Heard has countersued for US$100 million, claiming she suffered "rampant physical violence and abuse" at his hands.

The court also heard revelations about allegedly violent incidents and explosive texts sent by Depp, that he had a "sobriety nurse" to keep him on the wagon while filming and that Heard allegedly put out a cigarette on his face.

Court shown photo of Depp passed out with ice cream

Amber Heard snapped the embarrassing shot of Depp when they were in Boston and he was filming the movie "Black Mass".

"Do you recognise this picture as being one of you?" Heard's attorney Ben Rottenborn asked Depp.

A photo of Depp passed out has been shown in court. Photo / Supplied
A photo of Depp passed out has been shown in court. Photo / Supplied

"Yes, Ms Heard kindly showed it to me the day after she took it," he replied.

Depp told the juror he had just worked a 17-hour day and had taken Roxycodone.

He said Heard intentionally asked him to hold the ice cream knowing that he was going to fall asleep and drop it.

"That was a wonderful picture to take for her," Depp said sarcastically.

Photo shows Johnny Depp's breakfast of cocaine and whiskey

Jurors on Thursday were shown a photo taken in Amber Heard's house in Los Angeles in March 2013 one morning after Johnny Depp fell off the wagon.

The image shows two glasses of whiskey and four lines of cocaine next to a box with a skull and crossbones and Depp's initials on it.

Another image shown in court. Photo / Supplied
Another image shown in court. Photo / Supplied

"You'd sometimes drink whiskey in the morning?" asked Heard's attorney Ben Rottenborn during cross-examination.

"Isn't happy hour any time?" replied Depp, prompting a few awkward laughs in the Virginia courtroom.

Depp initially denied using the pictured box for cocaine. But Rottenborn confronted him with testimony from his 2020 libel trial against "The Sun" newspaper for branding him a wife beater, when he admitted to using the box to carry cocaine.

Depp later lost the London case.

Earlier, explosive texts sent by Depp to and about Heard were revealed in court.

Heard's lawyer Benjamin Rottenborn read out texts Depp sent to fellow actor Paul Bettany on June 11, 2013. One of them read: 'Let's burn Amber!!!'

Rottenborn asked Depp: "You see that?"

In a low voice, he responded: "I do see that."

Rottenborn said: "You didn't stop. The next text down says: 'Let's drown her before we burn her!!!' I read that right?"

Depp said: "Yes."

Rottenborn said: "I'd like to apologise to the court and the jury for some of the language I'm going to use."

He read the next text Depp sent to Bettany which read: 'I will f*** her burnt corpse afterward to make sure she is dead.'

Rottenborn said: "Did I read that right?"

Depp said: "You certainly did."

Rottenborn said: "You wrote that about the woman who would later become your wife."

Depp said: "Yes."

Rottenborn read some texts sent by Depp on January 17, 2013 - he did not specify to whom.

Footage of Depp slamming cabinets has also been shown in court. Photo / Twitter
Footage of Depp slamming cabinets has also been shown in court. Photo / Twitter

One read: "For the idiot cow!!!" apparently referring to Heard.

The following two said: "Will do I'll smack the ugly c*** around before I let her in, don't worry" and: "Did that worthless hooker arrive."

Rottenborn asked Depp if he had "read that right". "Yes," Depp replied.

On December 18, 2014, Depp described himself in a message to Heard as "a f***ing savage".

"I always regret it when I jump, or worse, when you jump. I'm sorry for being less, for your disappointment in me. For my behaviour," he wrote.

"I'm a f***ing savage. Gotta' lose that. Gonna' lose that. The devil is all around, right?"

In another, Depp wrote that he "never want(s) to lay eyes on that filthy whore again", while they were still married.

Several big names were pulled into the case, including Elton John and Marilyn Manson, on Thursday (Friday morning NZT).

Depp is going head-to-head with his ex-wife Amber Heard in a defamation lawsuit. Photo / Getty Images
Depp is going head-to-head with his ex-wife Amber Heard in a defamation lawsuit. Photo / Getty Images

The court heard that Depp sent the Rocket Man singer a text message in which he described part of himself as a "monster" who "would have swallowed [him up] if it wasn't for you". Depp said Elton was a "friend' who had supported him in his quest for sobriety.

Depp said: 'Elton was a dear friend who has been sober for 40 years, so he was, we've had discussions and he wanted me to get clean, sober so he actually sent a fellow called Charlie Dunnett who worked with Elton for years and years….'

Rottenborn cut in and said: "Can I just confirm you sent that message?"

A frustrated Depp said: "I'll just stop talking."

Rottenborn said: "I want to be respectful of the court's time and I trust you do too?"

Amber Heard is accusing Johnny Depp of sexually assaulting her. Photo / Getty Images
Amber Heard is accusing Johnny Depp of assaulting her. Photo / Getty Images

A flustered Depp said: "I don't feel that I'm wasting anyone's time."

Rottenborn brought up another text sent by Depp on April 9, 2015 which Depp said was to Heard's sister Whitney.

It read: "I'm alright. I…though I never ever want to lay eyes on that filthy whore Amber, most embarrassing."

Rottenborn said: "When you called Amber that filthy whore she was your wife at the time?"

Depp said: "Yes sir."

Rottenborn also put it to Depp that he had done illegal drugs with Marilyn Manson.

Depp testified that the pair had done cocaine together then confessed to drugging him with "a pill" to try to "stop him talking". The star laughed on the stand as he recalled the incident.

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