Doctor reveals 'gross' reason why you should never sleep naked in viral video

A doctor has horrified social media users after revealing the "gross" reason you should never sleep without clothes on.

US plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn shared a TikTok video titled, "Why you should never sleep without underpants" with his followers, reports the Daily Mail.

"The average person passes gas 15 to 25 times a day, and this can happen while you're sleeping," Youn said in the video.

"A scientific study proved every time you pass gas you're spraying a tiny amount of fecal material. This is true.

"And that same study shows your tighty-whities will catch all of these particles.

"So for the sake of your bed partner, please sleep with your underwear on."

He gathered a whopping 8.2 million views on the viral video, which he also shared on YouTube.

He added, "For women - if your gyno tells you to sleep without underwear then listen to them. For guys - put your tighty whities on before bed."

A US doctor has revealed why sleeping in the nude may not be such a good idea. Photo / Getty Images

His subscribers largely took his advice on board amid a few laughs. One YouTube subscriber wrote, "As I get older, that advice my grandmother gave about always wearing good underwear really pays off."

Another wasn't convinced, writing, "I love you Dr. Youn, but when I am in my own bed my underwear or lack thereof is my own business."

"Fecal matter on the bedsheets. What a delightful thought. Thanks, underwear. You're the real MVP."

It comes after recent research revealed - alarmingly - that many adults aren't fussed about sleeping in a grubby bed at night.

In a survey of 2000 people, 30 per cent confessed that they wash their bedding once a year or less, while 38 per cent said they wash their coats the same amount of times.

A US doctor warned that not washing bedsheets regularly could increase your risk of infection, acne and odour.

"If you do not wash clothing items often you could be at risk of infection or just feeling and smelling unclean," he said.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.