Dogs of all sizes welcome on Auckland Transport trains from this weekend

Auckland Transport has announced some good news for pet owners who want to bring their furry friends along for a train ride.

From Sunday, December 8, dogs of all sizes will be able to travel on AT Metro train services as long as they're wearing an appropriate muzzle and leash.

The exciting news comes after a successful trial, where small dogs and other pets were allowed on trains when in a carrier.

"We've had a great response from our customers since the trial started in June. We've worked closely with our staff and our operator Transdev to move into this next stage," group manager of Metro Services Stacey van der Putte said.

"This is another step in making public transport more accessible. There are many Aucklanders who may not have access to a vehicle to take their pet to the vet or to explore our city, this will potentially benefit both the owners and the pets."

Councillor Cathy Casey has advocated strongly for pets on trains.

"I am very pleased that now all of Auckland's 106,000 registered dogs can travel by train no matter how big or small they are," she said.

"The relaxation of the requirements means that more dogs will be able to join their owners on the train for days out and errands without needing a car.

"This is another step towards making Auckland a dog-friendly city where pooches are integrated into the life of our people and welcomed onto all public transport like they are in many of the great European cities."

The next trial will run until the end of March.

Details and conditions:

  • Pets can only travel on trains at off-peak times (9am to 3pm and after 6.30pm on weekdays, and all-day weekends and public holidays).
  • All dogs must either be wearing an approved muzzle and lead or can be travelling in an approved pet carrier.
  • Domestic pets are to be enclosed in a suitable pet carrier that is small enough to be stored securely under the seat or held on the passenger's lap,
  • Passengers travelling with domestic pets are responsible for their pet and must keep them caged and under control at stations, getting on or off the train, and while onboard our trains.
  • Passengers travelling with domestic pets are responsible for all pet mess and must ensure that any pet mess is cleaned up before they get off the train.
  • Passengers may be refused entry to board the train if the train is crowded.
  • Passengers may be asked to leave the train with their domestic pet if the animal is causing or likely to cause a safety risk or nuisance to other customers.
  • Domestic pets travel free of charge on our services.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.