'Dry retched': Internet loses it over milky fish and chip 'porridge'

Fish and chips are a Kiwi classic for lunch or dinner, porridge is a classic breakfast on a cold winter's morning but what if you were to pair the two together.

One Kiwi's Tik Tok has gone viral for all the wrong stomach-churning reasons.

The viral Tik Toker shared their recipe for milky fish and chip "porridge".

Mmmmmmm fish and chip porridge...  Photo / Tik Tok

"Make it stop," the original poster captioned the video.

The Kiwi creator shows viewers a pot on the stove with what looks to be some mushed up fish and chips swimming in a pool of milk.

"Wait for it to come up to a boil, then it will become thick and voila!" the person adds.

Despite its similarities to fish chowder and fish pie, many Reddit users were left disgusted with the "porridge".

However, it seems the one takeaway viewers took from the Tik Tok was that its creator was British.

"God the British really are clueless with food aren't they," one Reddit user commented.

"So British that she's trying to combine fish and chips and porridge into a single dish," wrote another.

"Why are you all saying British? Are you certain about that?" one switched-on viewer wrote.

After being posted to the Reddit forum "Make me Suffer", it was then shared into the New Zealand sub-Reddit.

"This made my stomach churn" one disgusted viewer commented.

Whereupon many questioned if the creator should still hold citizenship, asking if it was "possible to revoke a citizenship by majority rules?"

"Charged with treason for desecrating a national symbol."

"It's OK peeps, they all think she's British on the other thread! Crisis averted," one user wrote.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.