Ed Sheeran just dropped his brand new song 'Shivers' and the music video is epic

Ed Sheeran has just dropped his brand new song and we are already obsessed!

The British hitmaker unveiled the music video for his track Shivers and it’s nothing short of epic.

"It’s equally as insane and wild," Ed says about his new song’s video. 

"Hope you enjoy it guys, [but] don’t ask me what it means or what it’s about cause I have no idea either."

The video features the singer-songwriter doing the splits and even channelling British pop icon Elton John in full glitter pants.

It also stars actress Anna-Sophia Robb who you may recognise from The Carrie Diaries and The Act.

Earlier this year Ed made his comeback with Bad Habits, and his new song Shivers shares some of the same dance energy.

In fact, the music video for the power-pop track was made with Dave Meyers who also worked on the Bad Habits music video which saw Ed turn into a vampire.

Revealing how the song - which is the second official single off Ed's upcoming fourth official studio album '=' - was made, Ed wrote on Instagram: "I wrote this as soon as the Divide tour ended in a rented farm in Suffolk where we had set up a studio for a couple of weeks to see what happened. 

"It was written over the course of three days which is very different for me, but I felt it was too special to get wrong. 

"It was originally meant to be the first single but I just didn't see a world where Bad Habits existed if it didn't come out in the summer. Shivers always felt more autumnal. I hope you like it, I bloody love it."

Honestly, it’s just so good!

Check out Ed Sheeran’s new song Shivers for yourself above.