Ed Sheeran reveals his hilarious x-rated prank on 'Friends' star Courteney Cox

Ed Sheeran has confessed he's to blame for BDSM bondage hoods constantly arriving in the mail at Courteney Cox's home.

The British singer told The Late Late Show host James Corden about the first time he pranked the Friends star, who he stays with when in California.

Cox left Sheeran alone with her Amazon Alexa, which he revealed was a huge mistake.

"She has this Alexa thing in her house, and she goes, 'Ed, isn't this wonderful? This is my Alexa. I can just order whatever on this.' So she walks out of the room and I go, 'Alexa, order me a gimp mask'," Sheeran recalled.

The first hood was intercepted by Cox's assistant, he revealed.

"She opened the post and she finds this mask, and instantly goes, 'Oh, I don't think I was meant to see that' and leaves it on Courteney's bed," Sheeran said. "And Courteney comes up and she's like, 'Where did this come from?'"

And the X-rated prank has since become a tradition for the friends.

"Now every time I go back there, I order her another," said Sheeran. "She has maybe, like, 12. I hide them in people's bedrooms. So they'll go in the drawer and they'll just find this leather S&M mask."

"She had two people come and look at her piano to try and buy it ― two absolute strangers going into her house that I found out about. So I left a couple of masks on the piano."

The Thinking Out Loud singer has made no secret of his Friends obsession, so when he didn't make the cut for an appearance in the HBO Max special, he decided to team up with Courteney Cox.

And both stars didn't do things by halves: Cox and Sheeran re-enacted the infamous Monica and Ross sibling routine. You know, the episode in season six where they try their best to get on camera for Dick Clark's TV special.

"Just some routine dancing with a friend," the Instagram video caption read.

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This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.