Ed Sheeran surprises fans by working a shift in a Lego store, singing ‘Lego House’

Ed Sheeran. Photo / Brady Dyer

Ed Sheeran. Photo / Brady Dyer

Ed Sheeran put down his usual tools to pick up bricks for a new job over the weekend. 

The Shape of You singer shocked fans by popping up in a Minnesota Lego store to work a shift as a “brick specialist”, reports People magazine. 

Helping keen young shoppers and their gobsmacked parents choose Lego pieces and sets, Sheeran also shared his experience on Instagram. 

“Right, I’m here at the Mall of America in Minnesota and I have my Lego outfit on,” he said to the camera. 

Wearing a bright yellow apron with an “Ed” name tag, he revealed: “I’m going to be a brick specialist at the Lego store and play Lego House.” 

When he was done handing out boxed Lego sets, signing autographs and posing for photos, he picked up his guitar and serenaded customers in the mall with an acoustic version of Lego House. 

After his performance, he told the adoring crowd of shoppers he had a special surprise for anyone heading along to his concert later that night. 

“I’ve got a bunch of these ‘Autumn is Coming’ mini-figures and I’m going to be giving them out at the gig. See you in a bit.” 

His latest appearance as a staff member at a Lego store is just one of many odd spots the singer has randomly popped up in as he promotes his + - = ÷ x (“Mathematics”) tour. 

According to People magazine, last month he turned up behind the counter at Chicago hot dog stand The Wieners Circle. 

Known for its rowdy setting and jokingly abrasive staff, Sheeran was not exempt from the rough banter and abusive jibes from employees. 

One staff member announced: “We’re gonna have Ed Sheeran here at the motherf***ing Wiener’s Circle and I’m gonna teach that w****r how to make a f***ing hot dog.” 

And earlier in July, he turned up at the recital of a group of young musicians in Boston where he played guitar alongside them and performed Eyes Closed, inviting them to improvise some musical accompaniment. 

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission. 

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