Ed Sheeran unveils stunning acoustic version of his brand new song 'Bad Habits'

We didn't think it was possible, but we may love Bad Habits even more now!

Ed Sheeran unveiled a stunning acoustic version of his brand new song and we are completely obsessed.

While the original track is a straight-up dancefloor banger, this new stripped-down version is hauntingly beautiful.

An official video accompanying the new version shows the British pop star in a dark room wearing a denim jacket while playing his acoustic guitar. 

"Bad habits lead to late nights ending alone / conversations with a stranger I barely know / swear this will be the last but it probably won’t / I’ve got nothing left to lose or use or do / My bad habits lead to you," Ed can be heard singing during the stunning rendition.

Fans of the singer were quick to praise the new version of the song online.

"When it comes to the acoustic version, Ed is always the best," one fan wrote on YouTube.

"That gave me goosebumps," another commenter gushed. "I loved the 'original', but there is something about your acoustic performances."

"Oh man, this acoustic version is a million times better than the original," another fan added.

Meanwhile, Ed took to social media to show love to another one of his musical projects, Permission To Dance which he penned with Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid for the seven-piece South Korean group, BTS.

"Wrote this song a while ago and so happy it’s being heard on such a world stage and being sung by such talented people. Check out Permission to Dance by BTS on all platforms." Ed captioned the clip of him wearing sunglasses and bopping his head to the uplifting track which debuted last Friday.

"Go check it out," he added in the video. "I hope you like it."