Employers reveal the strangest reasons employees haven't shown up to work

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017, 3:27PM
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From a fish giving birth to having a baby on the side of the road and a third grandmother dying in six months, these are some of the weirdest excuses people have used for not showing up to work.

What makes them even stranger is that they all turned out to be true.

Somebody took to Reddit to ask employers to reveal the weird and wonderful excuses their employees have given to get out of coming into work - and they didn't disappoint.

According to the Daily Mail, one person called up the workplace to say that they couldn't make it in because one of their goats was in labour and they even sent a picture to prove it.


Sounds fishy

One of the most bizarre reasons given was from a man whose fish was due to give birth and he had to stay around as it's extinct in the wild, making the offspring very valuable.

It seems photo evidence is crucial for a lot of employers, with one person having to provide visual proof of a nose bleed - and that their outfit was ruined from the blood - and another sending a snap of their kidney stones.

Too much information

Another Redditor said they had to call in sick because their mother had picked them something from the garden that they thought was spinach.

Mother's bad cooking

It wasn't, and they ended up on the toilet for the rest of the day instead of at the office.

Another user revealed that their cat got stuck inside a desk so they had to take the day off to help free it, while another man called in sick with internal bleeding after drunkenly falling off a ladder.

Trapped cat

If surprise labour's not a valid excuse ...

Third time's a lie, or is it?

Blood stained shirt

The arrival of a new 'kid'

Don't judge a book by it's cover

Island life ain't always easy

Source: Daily Mail.