Essential tips for using essential oils around your house!

Essential oils, well known for their beautiful scents and ability to uplift the aroma of your house by putting just a few drops into a diffuser or mister, can also be used as a replacement for chemical cleaners around your home. Better and kinder for your health and home.  

Many of the common essential oils are available for purchase from your local grocery store, pharmacy, Kmart, or health store. Below are some tips on how to use these, alongside water, baking soda or white vinegar to effectively clean your home. Make sure it'll not only look amazing but smell gorgeous too.  

Without further ado here are our essential, essential oil tips! 

Lavender oil is always handy to have around, not only is it good as an antiseptic and deodorising, it is amazing at relaxing and invoking a calm feeling. A few drops on a cloth beside your bed at night and you’ll be asleep in no time. When your shoes start smelling funky, mix about 15 drops of lavender oil to a cup of baking soda and leave in a closed jar for a couple of hours. Sprinkle liberally in your shoes overnight and smell the difference in the morning.  

Teatree oil has so many uses, by adding a few drops into the nappy bucket or in the washing machine, you’ll get a fresh fragrance and natural disinfectant. It also can be used when washing your floors, in a bucket of warm water, add around 150ml of white vinegar, a squirt of detergent and 15 drops of teatree oil. 

If you're looking for a simple, yet effective air freshener then look no further than a cup of boiling water, four drops of rosemary and eucalyptus, six drops of lemon, and ten drops of lavender essential oils. Pour into a spray bottle and freshen up your rooms. 

Orange and lemon essential oils can make effective disinfectants. For a fresh smelling, spray-and-wipe cleaner, combine 350ml boiled water, 150ml of white vinegar, one teaspoon of baking soda, a squirt of dishwashing liquid and 15 drops of orange or lemon oil. Pour into your spray bottle and disinfect away! For just a quick clean up, adding a couple of drops of either essential oil to a damp cloth and wiping your surface works also.