Five amazing facts you never knew about Pixar

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Friday, 4 August 2017, 2:11PM
Photo / Disney

Photo / Disney

1. Toy Story 2 almost didn't happen

During the making of Toy Story 2 a Pixar employee, some how managed to accidentally delete all of the animation! Not an ideal situation. However, luck would have it that the associate technical director was working from home at the time while taking care of her newborn baby, and thankfully had everything that was deleted backed up on her personal computer.

2. So many balloons

If you've seen the movie Up, you will know that there were a ton of balloons tied to Carl's house. Pixar, in fact, used exactly 20,622 to make the house fly! Unfortunately, in real life, it would actually it would actually take more than 9.4 million balloons to lift a house into the air.

3. Pixar's hidden message

In practically every single Pixar movie made there is "A113" hidden somewhere. The letter and numbers actually reference a classroom in the California Insitute of Arts. Why? Because it's the school many Pixar animators attended.

4. Monters, Inc. alternative story

Apparently, the original idea for the movie Monsters, Inc. featured the story of a man who was scared by the monsters he drew as a child. However, that plot was nixed and we ended up with the tale we have today.

5. WALL-E's Apple connection

The futuristic robot Eve in WALL-E reminds a lot of people of an Apple product. It turns out that was on purpose because of Apple's chief design officer, Jonathan Ive, who actually helped design the character.