'Genius' life hack reveals the secret to getting avocados to ripen in 24 hours

We'd all love it if avocados ripened at a time to suit our schedules, but they're known for being temperamental.

But a new hack to help them ripen faster could change all that - you can now time your avos to ripen in time for your morning toast.

Health and wellness influencer Caroline Groth shared her favourite method to help avocados ripen, involving an unripe avo, a kiwifruit and a paper bag.

Demonstrating the hack in a video shared to her Instagram, Groth wrote in the caption, "Guys, green skin + Shepherd avocado season means I legit need a spreadsheet to keep track of when I'll have avocados to eat because they take forever to ripen.

"But no more… insert the best 101 life hack ever."

The Aussie blogger then showed her followers how placing the avocado and the kiwifruit in a brown paper bag, rolling it up and leaving it for 24 hours would result in the "most perfect, ripe avocado".

Groth revealed that kiwifruit releases ethylene gas, which is a "plant hormone that aids the ripening process".

Wrapping both fruits up in the paper bag "traps the gas so the process works faster", she added, promising that the hack would cause an avocado to ripen within 24 hours.

Groth said you can also use a banana or an apple in place of the kiwifruit as both fruits also release ethylene gas.

Ethylene gas naturally occurs in fruits as they ripen. The plant hormone regulates their growth and development, according to Gardening Know How.

Placing an unripe avocado in a breathable bag - like a paper bag - along with a kiwifruit, banana or apple helps the fruit to produce more ethylene and accelerates the ripening process.

The influencer's followers were "mind-blown" after sharing the hack, calling it "genius" as they thanked her for sharing it.

One person commented, "I need this in my life," while another wrote, "This is life-changing! Thank you."

And a third said, "You're s***ting me! This has changed my life! Thank you!"

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.