Giving baby girls traditional boy names is the latest baby name trend on the rise

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Names like Blake, Madison, and Avery were once only used for males, and now they are considered some of the more popular choices for baby girls.

But it seems that the growing trend of using classically masculine names has no sign of slowing down, in fact, many new parents are taking it even further.

Young girls being given names such as James, Wyatt, and Lincoln – that were traditionally held by boys – is on the rise, with Sawyer, Ryan, Dallas, Ezra, and Ellis crossing over into the top 1000 list of names for girls in the US according to Nameberry.

For parents wanting to give their new-born girl a name with a cool and unique flare, these traditional boys' names could be the perfect fit!

Here are 30 of the most amazing traditional boy names being used for girls:

  1. Spencer
  2. Lincoln
  3. Tyler
  4. Ryan
  5. Hudson
  6. Evan
  7. Wyatt
  8. Sullivan
  9. Ezra
  10. Austin
  11. Ellis
  12. Ira
  13. Landon
  14. Anderson
  15. Beckett
  16. Maxwell
  17. Kyle
  18. Levi
  19. Declan
  20. James
  21. Miles
  22. Grayson
  23. Ryder
  24. Michael
  25. Paxton
  26. Jensen
  27. Wesley
  28. Noah
  29. Arlo
  30. Jasper