Have you been pronouncing 'scone' wrong?

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018, 11:30AM
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It's scone as in "gone" not scone as in "bone".

That is the finding of research which showed that more than half of people in the UK pronounce "scone" as rhyming with "gone", with only four in 10 pronouncing it to rhyme with "bone".

According to the research, released by YouGov in the UK, the way you pronounce the word "scone" reveals a lot about yourself. In the UK at least, it can help identify you by region and even by social class.

People in Scotland and the north of England are more likely to rhyme "scone" with "gone", whereas about 50 per cent of Londoners rhyme "scone" with "bone".

When it comes to social status, middle-class people are more likely to rhyme "scone" with "gone" (55 per cent) than with "bone" (40 per cent).

And for other important scone-related research, YouGov also looked at the way people choose to eat their scones.

Jam or cream - which goes first?

A total of six out of 10 people spread the jam first, the "Cornish method", with only one in five going with the "Devon method" of spreading the cream first.

This article was originally published on NZ Herald and is reproduced here with permission.