Health blogger slammed as 'ignorant' after making comments about cancer

Publish Date
Wednesday, 29 November 2017, 1:39PM

An Australian health blogger has come under major fire for her comments on Instagram about cancer.

Olivia Budgen took to social media to share the controversial post saying: "Cancer and disease is your body trying to save you."

In the post, which has since been deleted, she continues: “Allow me to possibly challenge your beliefs about cancer and other diseases. What if these conditions were not actually bad at all? What if they were created by the body to help save you? What if disease is your body’s survival mechanism?”

“Being open-minded and changing your perspective around what disease actually is and why it’s happening, will allow you to take back control of your health and realise that your body is ALWAYS working for you, and never against you.

"In this modern day we are consumed by the medical industry’s information which leads us to believe that disease happens to us through genetic disposition.

"Most people view disease and cancer as a horrible monster and something to fight and destroy.

"We are led to believe that if our body has disease then our immune system isn't working properly, and we don’t have the ability to heal ourselves.

"This is simply not true.

"The immune system is always there to keep the body free of contaminates.

"Unfortunately in many cases this isn't possible because organs such as the liver, large intestine, lungs, kidneys and skin become overtaxed with toxins and don’t eliminate efficiently.”

"This means that toxins are coming in quicker than they are being eliminated and results in the body having to accumulate and store toxins elsewhere.

"This metabolic waste tissue build-up eventually suffocates the cells by filling the connective tissues with toxins.

"They can no longer receive enough oxygen or get enough nutrients and they change into cancer cells.

"Cancer cells are simply damaged cells which have been deprived of oxygen.

But the Brisbane-based well-being coach hit a nerve with her followers, with many slamming her views on the sensitive topic as 'ignorant'.

"Should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself for talking so much ill informed nonsense on what is an important and emotional subject," one comment read.

"Some people still get sick despite living clean, healthy and stress free lives," wrote another.

"You have no idea what you are talking about. This is dangerous and misleading. Delete it" a third said.

Another added: "This is absolute nonsense, scientifically unsound and irresponsible - and a prime example why you should seek information from health professionals not 'wellness bloggers'. Wow."

While a cancer patient commented: “I’m living with my 5th diagnosis of Cancer right now. And I can promise you, that what you’ve said there is utter, unrelenting b*****ks.”