Heated debate sparks over wearing underwear under pyjamas

Do you wear undies to bed?

British style guru Susannah Constantine has sparked a debate on whether underwear should be worn under pyjamas, revealing on her podcast that she prefers to go commando.

The discussion, with BBC Woman's Hour host Emma Barnett, quickly went viral with women across the UK sharing their preferred PJ plan.

The 59-year-old, who first found fame on the hit show What Not To Wear, with Trinny Woodall, took to her podcast My Wardrobe Malfunction to reveal that she "sometimes" wears underwear under her pyjamas to feel "cosy" but prefers to go without.

BBC host Barnett was shocked.

"Of course you wear knickers under your pyjamas," she countered.

Constantine was taken aback by Barnett's vehement response and questioned if she was being honest.

"Do you wear knickers under your pyjamas when you go to bed? No that's not true, shut up!"

Barnett was emphatic. "Yes. You always need a gusset".

When a short clip was posted to social media, the responses flooded in.

Some argued that not wearing underwear meant changing pyjamas every night and that the freedom wasn't worth the extra laundry.

Others argued that the breeze downstairs was much-needed.

"'Never knickers under PJs nor a nightdress! Fresh air!" one person wrote.

Another argued that "air needs to circulate in your lady parts at night".

"I suppose they could prevent wedgies," one woman mused.

The debate made it to the BBC Woman's Hour broadcast itself, where listeners were keen to share their thoughts.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.