Here are all the ways you can celebrate Mum this Mother's Day during Alert Level 3

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Mother's Day 2020 is sure to be one for the record books with no cafe brunches, spa dates with Mum or large family get-togethers allowed to take place under level 3 restrictions.

We all know there is nothing in this world better than a mother's hug, but for parents who are immune-compromised, over 70, or live in another region, the best gift you can give them next weekend might just be your absence.

No matter if the mum in your life is near or far, you can still make her Sunday, 10 May, just as special with gestures, gifts and virtual catch-ups.

So here are our top ideas for how to celebrate Mother's Day in these unprecedented times.


Handmade card

What better time to get crafty than during a nationwide lockdown?

Whip out your old stationery supplies, 90s-esque milky gel pens and Crayola stampers, and make Mum a heartfelt Mother's Day card. By adding a splash of love, it's sure to be worthy of going straight to the pool room.

Lunch delivered

With cafes and eateries able to trade again in level 3, get your mum's favourite coffee and treat delivered to her.

While she can't be there in person to enjoy her latte bowl and chicken, cranberry and brie panini, that doesn't mean you can't support local and serve it up to Mum on her finest wedding china.

Drop-off baking

If mum lives locally but you can't visit her because you've already extended your bubble elsewhere, why not drop off some baking at the back door?

Use up the last of your feijoas and whip her up some feijoa curd and scones, or get creative and decorate some lemon cupcakes with the kids.

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Make her a virtual photo album

If Mum is a bit too far away for a drop-off, you could try your hand at making her a virtual photo album with online photo album tool Flipsnack or a classic PowerPoint presentation.

Combine some of your favourite memories, pictures and quotes and, if you're feeling extra fancy, you could even add some sweet beats as the cherry on top of your digital celebration.

Send flowers

You just can't go wrong with flowers and our local growers need our help now more than ever.

Send, or deliver your mum a bunch of flowers and solidify your spot as favourite child by remembering what her favourite bloom is.

Let her sleep in

Letting mum have a well-deserved sleep in is the one non-negotiable this Mother's Day.

As one wise Herald reporter and father of two young children advised: "If the mother of your children is stuck at home with the kids, GIVE HER A BLOODY DAY OFF OR YOUR LIFE WON'T BE WORTH LIVING."

Amen, wise sir. Amen.



The classic massage, pedicure, or spa day might be off the cards for now, but that doesn't mean Mum can't have a pampering session to look forward to.

No, we aren't suggesting you get out a bottle of baby oil and a rolling pin and give Mum a massage yourself. Instead, support local salons and beauty therapists by buying a voucher to redeem in the coming months.

Quick Brown Fox coffee liqueur

As much as her pesky neighbour across the hydrangea bush keeps asking, your mum still can't pop over for a "quarantini" cocktail. She can, however, make her own espresso martini at home with Quick Brown Fox.

This New Zealand-made gem also goes down a treat in chocolate cake and dessert recipes and we've heard it's a delicious addition for a boozy chocolate mousse, too.

Melora honey

If you are Mum's little honey but can't sweeten up her day in person, why not send New Zealand-made traceable Manuka honey by Melora. This little wonder is perfect for making a delicious lemon honey hot toddy in the cool winter months.

The Kiwi brand, which has recently launched a skincare range, also gives back a percentage of profits to landowners, meaning even more New Zealanders will benefit from your purchase too.

Ecoya gift pack

Your entire life, your mother's probably been telling you to wash your hands. Now those words ring truer than ever.

So why not spoil her with the most boujee of hand soaps in the form of a gift pack from Ecoya? The Essentials Gift Set includes an adorable diffuser which will help Mum's house smell as wonderful as she is.

Netflix subscription

If your mum has watched the entire 10 season box set of Friends you regrettably left behind when you went flatting, now's the time to spoil her with some fresh entertainment.

Grab her a Netflix subscription that she can enjoy all year long and be sure to put Tiger King at the top of her viewing list.

Penney + Bennett loungewear

We've all gotten a little too comfy in our loungewear this lockdown, so this Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to upgrade Mum's collection.

Our pick is the cotton button-up rose nightshirt which looks fancy enough to pull off wearing during a Zoom meeting but casual enough to wear with some Uggs in the cooler months.

Kokako coffee beans

Support your favourite local cafe by arranging a bag of the same Kokako beans used in-store to be delivered for your Mum's morning brew.

The best part is that 25 per cent of the purchase price will go back to your local cafe to help them get back up and running.

Superette x Blacklist Love Skateboard

Do you have one of those mum's that's not like a regular mum but more of a cool mum? Then boy-oh-boy do we have the greatest gift for her:

The Superette x Blacklist love skateboard is the perfect way to indulge the modern mum in your life and add a piece of fun decor to your home that will be a memory for years to come.

Get in touch


Good old Skype is the perfect way to get in touch with Mum this Mother's Day.

It's been around for years and, hopefully, your mum still remembers the login details you set up for her in 2012.


If Mum has an iPhone then she can Facetime. Simply give her a call, explain how to turn her video on and angle the camera so it's not just the underneath of her chin, and enjoy the merriment.


Get the entire family together on one screen and host a family Zoom.

Create unique backgrounds with pictures from your childhood: you know, like the one of you driving the family's Toyota Corolla down the driveway when you were 4. A virtual get together will be sure to make her day.

Put a video together with your siblings

If you have a tech-savvy sibling, get them to compile video messages from the family to send to Mum on Mother's Day.

There is no doubt mums are missing their families more than ever this year, so this special gesture may be the level 3 pick me up she needs.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.