Here are the top things New Zealanders were searching on Google in 2021

As the world battled a pandemic for the second year in a row, New Zealanders spent more time at home which meant more time for googling.

This year's Google "Year in Search" data has been released and reflects what New Zealanders were googling in 2021.

While some Google searches are expected, others were unexpected.

As New Zealand and international sports stars travelled the world, people back home checked in on their triumphs.

Golden girl Lisa Carrington, Lydia Ko, Sophie Pascoe, Joseph Parker and Valerie Adams were among the top trending searches when it came to famous Kiwis.

Olympic champion Lisa Carrington won the hearts of many New Zealanders this year. Photo / Steve McArthur

While big sports events like the Australian Open, NBA, the Euros and NRL also featured on the list.

Back in New Zealand the America's Cup also made it on to the list with many Kiwis asking "when is the next America's Cup race" was.

To the surprise of no one, Covid-19 features on the list among a few other big national and international news events.

While New Zealanders were keeping up with local case numbers and the ever-growing list of locations of interest, many also kept up to date with the search for Australian toddler Cleo Smith and the Suez Canal blockage.

Covid-19 released searches like the vaccine, my vaccine pass and book my vaccine also featured on the list.

A nationwide tsunami warning at the start of the year also meant many were googling about the warning and the Kermadec Islands, which is where a powerful earthquake struck.

According to the top trending searches, 2021 was the year for the comeback with Friends fans given a much-anticipated TV reunion.

Friends: The Reunion aired on TVNZ 2 in May with 888,770 tuning in live with the reunion being among the top trending searches when it came to TV shows.

Netflix hits Squid Game, Bridgerton and Sweet Tooth which happened to be filmed in New Zealand also featured on the list.

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When it came to Auckland's long lockdown, many people were googling "when is Auckland going to level 3" while some also asked "when does lockdown end NZ".

People also needed help remembering when certain dates were, with when is Father's Day, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day being among a number of trending searches.

In 2021 a number of national and international stars passed away, many spent time googling the lives of Prince Philip, rapper DMX and New Zealand cyclist Olivia Podmore.

With the country's biggest city being in lockdown for over 100 days, Aucklanders took to the internet to find recipes for some Kiwi classics.

Apple crumble, scones, afghans and banana bread were among the trending sweet recipes googled.

However, some were still after a savoury treat.

With takeaways closed for some time due to Covid-19 alert levels Kiwis were also googling how to make pizza dough to satisfy their fast food fix.

Some also took up bread making this year with recipes for naan and focaccia featuring on the list.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.