Here are the trick travellers can try to get a flight upgrade according to flight attendant

A flight attendant has revealed the best ways to increase your chances of scoring free upgrades - as well as what not to say.

Miguel Muñoz told the Daily Express in the UK that there is more than one way to get yourself bumped up without paying for the more expensive tickets.

His first word of wisdom was saying passengers should avoid being "dramatic" or "lying" to cabin crew.

Miguel instead said passengers should just be straight up and honest to flight attendants.

The flight attendant claimed if there was an upgrade to be had he would offer it to the nicest passengers on the plane or the ones he got on with the most.

"Sometimes people come to me asking for an orange juice or a snack because they say they are dizzy or have low blood sugar.

"We automatically think they are lying just to get something for free. And probably some people lie.

"But I always think if you're lying, karma will come back. But if they are not lying and I don't give them anything it's even worse.

"I have to, just in case. On the plane, the crew is in charge of helping passengers, so we have to trust them, really."

However, he said saying you feel unwell is a good trick to potentially get free drink or food on a flight as cabin crew cannot question whether you are truly unwell or not.

He says the key point, though, is in how you approach and ask cabin crew.

"Most airlines don't give anything for free, not even water, so when passengers come saying they are very thirsty, they need to take medication or they just ask for a glass of water, I officially have to say no.

"First, I always tell them that we sell bottles of water. I'd normally give it for free but it all depends on how you ask, really.

"For example, if after I say we charge for water they get all upset saying things like 'but the law says you have to give me free water' or 'it's a human right' automatically I'm not going to give them any.

"Now, if you say you don't feel well or you ask very nicely then definitely I will be giving that to you."

What you should or shouldn't say regarding upgrades

"You have to be careful what you say! Because if you say you have a bad knee, for example, I have to be careful with these people as passengers seating by emergency exits are the ones who have to assist the crew in case of an emergency.

"If you can't operate the emergency exit because you have a bad knee I can't move you to the overwinds. So it won't work.

"My advice is to be honest, don't try to be dramatic. If it's true that you have a bad leg, fair enough, but don't lie about it because probably you don't know it but it won't benefit you.

"The other day a passenger said he had hip pain and he wanted to have extra legroom.

"Unfortunately, because of that, I couldn't move him to the emergency exit but I moved him to the last row which was completely empty.

"Just be honest. If you don't have any pain, simply say 'Hey if you guys had any seats available in the emergency exit row could you let me know?' and I will.

"Make it easier for the crew, basically. And of course, when we have passengers who are very tall and need more space or people who nicely ask for it because they just want to be more comfortable.

"If the seats are free, I definitely move them."

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.