Here's how to view Google's 3D AR zoo of animals that will entertain your kids

Google has released a new way to excite, entertain and educate your children during lockdown!

New augmented reality lenses on google can bring 29 wild animals into your bubble.  

Encyclopedias come to life when you have a shark swim around your kitchen, teaching kids about conservation, showing scales of animals and overall providing and engaging visual. 

Grab your phone and search any of these 29 animals

Then all you have to do is hit "view in 3D" and watch your bubble turn into a zoo!  


The AR fun doesn’t end there, as well as working with NASA and Visible Body, GOogle has created AR tours of museums around the entire world.   

Head to Google Arts and Culture and you can show your children the Acropolis Museum in Greece this morning and wrap up your afternoon at Te Papa.