Hilary Barry reveals the first news report she wrote at primary school in 1975

TV presenter Hilary Barry has shared her very first news report, written in 1975.

The then-6-year-old wrote an adorable story about her teacher, headmaster and parents - complete with colourful drawings.

"Unearthing more gems from my de-clutter. This is the first story I wrote at Silverstream School back in 1975. And I had TWO friends!!!!" she captioned the photo shared on Facebook.

"Mummy and Daddy, very cute," wrote one fan.

"Are you still friends with them?" joked another.

Hilary also shared an old passport photo she unearthed.

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Is this the worst passport photo of all time?

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"Is this the worst passport photo of all time?" she wrote on Instagram next to the 1986 snap.

Hilary may not like it - but we do!

Last week Barry debuted the "most glamourous face mask in New Zealand" complete with tiara and ball gown.

Barry launched the "Formal Friday" trend last lockdown, which went viral when she posted a photo of herself in a gown while working from home at the start of lockdown.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.